Deep Learning Driven Network Security presents work that leverages deep learning to improve network

( 8-10 pages) survey and report written in research paper format (IEEE conference paper template)
1-Give a good background on it and conduct a literature review of the relevant issues associated with it
2-Discuss different aspects of this area (use figures and diagrams)
3- Using the references, identify how the problems discussed in the references are related to the area (related work)
4-Identify how the different problems discussed in each reference were solved using traditional approaches
5- Analyze each reference with focus on the deep learning approaches, performance, architectures, datasets, advantages, disadvantages… etc (using tables)
6- Identify the commons and differences among the references one another and try to point out relevant observations (using tables and diagrams)
7- Deduce general conclusions and possible future research trends In addition to the above points students are encouraged to demonstrate and reflect their ideas, conclusions, contributions on the paper in any appropriate form.

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