Development/Implementation of the Solution and Limitation

Summary of the business case

  1. A Business Case To make effective decisions, organisations need accurate, insightful, timely, concise, and objective information. One way in which such information can be gathered is through the preparation of a business case
  2. Framing the Business Case
  • You will create a formal business case.
  • Your case must provide a convincing argument demonstrating why the stakeholders should progress, or further pursue your idea
  • It will demonstrate analytical reasoning and critical evaluation skills
  • It will communicate clearly and concisely
  • Consider how the discovery and analysis of data, using data analytics can make your case more effective and how this establishes its strong market potential
  • It will carefully consider the anticipated benefits
  1. Structuring the Business Case
  • Business cases are well structured documents, and the suggested format is detailed below
  • Business cases are usually organised into separated sections and sub-sections appended by informative visuals (e.g.: charts and diagrams)

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