Disaster Management in Developed, Developing, and Under-Developed Countries

write a 8-10 page research paper on disaster management in a developed, developing, or under-developed country. Your research paper should be a comprehensive study of disaster management in your chosen country. Pre-research the country of your interest to make sure they have a disaster management scheme in place. Make sure to carefully research your paper using peer-reviewed journals and widely published data. APA Style applies: Times New Roman Font, Size 12, double spacing. Pay attention to organization, e.g.: subheadings, narrative flow, etc. The page count does not include covers or Works Cited sections.
he rationale and history behind that countrys organizational approach to disaster management (Why is disaster management in that country organized the way it is?)
The implementation pattern that applies (top-down, bottom-up, or confused) (Are response and recovery actions triggered by the national government or by local government?)
Disaster Hazards and Planning: What kinds of disasters is your country prone to? What disasters have they planned for?
Participants in that countrys disaster management (Who participates in the process? Governmental agencies NGOs? Military? International Organizations?)

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