Emotional intelligence and how it affects learning

Change Management 2

Final Project (50 marks)

  1. Please select a large organization operating in the UAE
  2. You must focus on change management in this organization
  3. Be specific in identifying a research issue ( for example, resistance to change or role of leadership in managing change)
  4. Approximately 3000 words (minimum)
  5. Follow Harvard style for citation purpose
  6. You may adopt a qualitative research method (case study) in your project. You must justify in one paragraph why case study method was chosen
  7. For your subheadings. Please look at my article available under Resources on the VLE page.
  8. Your project will be graded based on the sections written by you

( in line with the sample article)

The rubric can be explained as follows.

  1. Introduction including company profile and research questions /hypotheses
  2. Research method
  3. Literature review
  4. Discussion of results Explain how your study filled gaps in literature.
  5. Managerial implications, limitations of study and directions for future research

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