Financial management review

Paper instructions:

Required BOOK : Bland, R. L. (2013). A budgeting guide for local government (3rd ed.) this is NOT They primarily will focus on terms, concepts, principles, and theories. Multiple choice questions will be used. Please refer .Introduction: Local Government Finance Context & Revenue Choices<br />

Financial management review

Theories to introduce public budgeting and finance

Economic nature of government services

Trends in local government finance

The legal basis for local revenues

Factors influencing local financial decisions



Effective tax administration

Creating a resilient local economy

  1. There are two types of consumption taxes: (1) _______________, and (2) ________________.
  2. general sales taxes and excise taxes
  3. property taxes and excise taxes
  4. general sales taxes and income taxes
  5. excise taxes and user fees
  6. general sales taxes and user fees
  7. _______________ refers to the state and local tax base being the same
  8. Tax rate conformance
  9. Tax base conformance
  10. Tax collection conformance
  11. Split-tax roll conformance


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