This paper is a combination compare/contrast essay and research paper, comparing and contrasting how the two novels a research project examining a health care service (for example in cardiology or surgical department in particular country The Report should be organized in four sections:

1-Introduction ( this section should be brief and lay out what are you are going to do in the report.

2-Description of the healthcare service that you are evaluating (this section should give readers a brief description of the

3-Critical evaluation 9this should form a substantial part of the report)

you are expected to :

-provide a critical evaluation of the effectiveness ,efficiency and equity of the healthcare service of the country (for example -provide a clear definition and measurement of these concepts.

-gather data and evidence for your arguments and analyses

-arrive at clear conclusions as to whether this service is effective ,efficient or equitable.

-provide recommendations on how the service can be improved.

4-conclusion (that can be concluded from the main argument or findings of your critical evaluations?


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