History Essay

Please answer each question in (minimum) 200 words each. In your answers it is imperative that you quote from/reference the respective texts. Please be specific. Answers without explicit, meaningful information from the related texts will receive zero points.

– According to Walker Howe in his chapter “Awakenings of Religion,” why was it important that religion in the early republic was voluntaristic?

– For what reasons did Lyman Beecher take up the temperance call? Why was he so against alcohol abuse? Do not limit your answer to physical reasons; what for instance were his spiritual and political reasons for seeking to limit the consumption of alcohol among Americans. Please quote from both Walker-Howe and “Six Sermons on Intemperance.”

– What is the relationship between (A) changing modes of labor brought on by the Market Revolution, (B) the Second Great Awakening and (C) the Temperance movement? In other words, what did these three “events” have to do with one another—please quote from “Awakenings of Religion” and “A Shopkeeper’s Millennium.”

– What do Angelina Grimké’s letter (Human Rights not Founded on Sex) and the Declarations of Sentiments tell us about (A) women’s lives in the Antebellum era and (B) what they wanted to see in the way of change?

– Bestor mentions four alternative programs for social change, what were they, and how were they different from one another—in other words how does Bestor differentiate between communitarianism and the other three?

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