In your careers, due to the pervasiveness of technology, it is likely that you will encounter scenar

You will need to apply each of the normative schools of ethics to the situation (Consequentialism, Deontology and Virtuism), presenting what a strict interpretation of that school would decide.

You will also need to research and apply relevant law to the situation to determine the legality of your chosen scenario.

You should also examine if this proposal would be objectionable to communities at large, by

determining if effects would offend that community’s morals. Similarly, as a technical Professional

you would be expected to live up to (one of) our regulating bodies.

The BCS, IET and IEEE publish their respective Code of Conduct documents which they expect all their members to adhere to. Does the scenario you are discussing contravene any of the provisions in this document?

You may then conclude by briefly discussing this scenario with regard to your personal values.


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