management systems. 

1. Criticallyreviewtheperformanceofdifferentinformation systems within the organisation (TPS, MIS, DSS, and ESS)2. Give a critical account of supply chain and customer relationship management systems.

  1. Recommendandcriticallyevaluatesolutionswiththehelpof given case studies and examples to improve the performance This assignment is designed to test your critical understanding and analytical skills in applying and critically evaluating information You are required to demonstrate a critical appreciation of a range of information management strategies and concepts by Your report should include an Executive Summary, Introduction, main body, presenting sub-sections and a Conclusions Your assignment should demonstrate the following qualities:
  2. Answering the central focus of the assignment requirements.
  3. A critical appreciation of relevant literature and its use to support arguments, substantiate risk and valuation measurements 3. Taking ownership of the content, being prepared to debate and argue a personal position, providing evidence of evaluative 4. Ability to analyse relevant theoretical concepts in a critical manner, evaluation of material.
  4. Logical flow of ideas and treatment; imaginative approaches; appropriate selection of real world factors related to the companies 6. Evidence of personal research, and the ability to analyse material from a variety of appropriate relevant perspectives.7. Presentation, structure, appropriateness of methodology, sub- dividing your report into section headings/subheadings,


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