Pavlovian Conditioning

(From Rubric): exceptional/superior
Learning Principle: Thoroughly introduces the topic with excellent detail.
Depth of Analysis: Thoroughly covers the learning topic with excellent detail.
Integration / Application: Makes an interesting, unique, and/or fascinating connection between the principle & broader learning topics.
Stays on Topic: Stays on topic all (100%) of the time.

I am connecting classical conditioning and phone ringing. (believe it is known as second-order conditioning) This is going to be part of the integration and application section.

Topics will be organized according to the textbook (Domjan, which I attached), but students should go beyond the textbook and research additional material on their learning principle.

One resource that needs to be used — Domjan, M. (2005). The Essentials of Conditioning and Learning (third). Wadsworth. (I have attached a pdf to the resource needed).

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