Social Work and Human Services

There are 2 separate parts of this assignment, but they correlate. The topic is “Homelessness in Children and Families on Long Island.”
PART 1: Using the social justice issue the group identified, come up with a social action project or policy that will help mitigate or alleviate the problem. We chose to focus on providing transportation for children and families who are homeless on Long Island. Please get CREATIVE and create your own policy or alter a current one to increase the transportation issue to mitigate homelessness. PLEASE INCLUDE RESEARCHING THE FEASIBILITY OF THIS PROJECT/PLAN. THE GROUP PAPER HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE, SO DO NOT DO THE GROUP PAPER; ONLY THE FINAL INDIVIDUAL PORTION WHICH I WILL MENTION IN A FEW FOR PART 2. Please create a few (4-5) slides on a Google Docs slide show to present the transportation plan. Use creativity and/or innovation to develop a presentation that will encourage your classmates to deepen their understanding of the issue.
This is separate, but part of the same “project”, but will count as the final. Using the same topic as previously stated, using the social justice issue (homelessness in children and families on Long Island), write a 6 page paper exploring and summarizing the following 5 points: 1) The argument in favor of the issue (pros of homelessness in families and children).
2) An argument against the issue (cons of homelessness in families and children).
3) The group’s suggested project and its relative merit (this is regarding the transportation plan).
4) An assessment of the group’s research, learning, and presentation. This you can just base off of my work.
5) An individual assessment of personal learning takeaways. Please make sure you cover BOTH the powerpoint with coming up with that solution to increase transportation AND the final paper; again, two separate things part of the same assignment. Please reach out if there is any confusion. Citations should be in APA 7.

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