Visual aid portion

Question Media determine our situationâl“ Friedrich A. Kittler. Discuss with reference to Film?<<p>Competency 105.4.2: Planning a Presentation – The graduate prepares an oral presentation with a visual aid3. A visual-aid script (This script covers only the visual aid portion of your presentation.)

  1. A visual aid rationale (This provides analysis and explanation of the visual aid.)
  2. Three effective audience questions and answers
  3. An APA reference pageTask:Plan a presentation (suggested length of 57 minutes) for your research 1. Outline an introduction that appropriately catches your audienceâs attention.
  4. Provide an appropriate research-based thesis statement for your presentation.
  5. Preview your presentations main points.
  6. Outline a body that effectively addresses the two to three main points of your topic. (Based on the time limitations, you a. Support each point with research and evidence as indicated by APA in-text citations.
  7. Outline a conclusion that ends with an effective closing strategy.
  8. Summarize the main points of your presentation.B. Explain a readable, effective, and appropriately designed visual 1. Explain how your visual aid (suggested length of1 page) supports the main points of your presentation and how 2. Explain how you created the visual aidC. Create a visual-aid script that covers only the visual-aid portion of the 1. Provide an effective planned response to each of the potential questions.E.

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