Company condition

(a) The Analysis

The purpose of the analysis is to determine the condition of the Company  that is its preparedness or otherwise 

All aspects of the company position\situation should be addressed e.g. what are its prospects? What are its skills and Building logically on the picture derived from the analysis, students should proffer as many strategic options as are appropriate Many of the issues here will have been considered already earlier in the work for example, in the consideration of the tests You should anticipate these and suggest preparations that could be made to mitigate or avoid altogether.Must meet -Assessment of organizational capability-Financial review

-Summary and consolidation of the above

(b)- Review of strategic choices available generally

Reduction of numbers of options to those that are appropriate

Selection of the most appropriate strategy using evaluation techniques -Discussion of some of the challenges âSuggested methods of overcoming those challenges or of mitigating the effects. Discuss the significance of the National Health Objective Healthy People 2020 as a national health policy with a greater

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