electronic communication systems


Various stages of a receiver circuit are illustrated below and the voltage levels at the end of each stage are shown.b) overall power gain

(c) power into the detector if the power into the first stage from the

antenna is 2pW

(b)Three amplifiers in a communication system are connected in series by cables. The cable lengths are:

Cable1 0.1m

Cable2 0.4m

Cable3 2.0m Calculate Pout if Pin is -5dB and the insertion loss for the line is 1 dB per metre. Â Task 2  Learning Outcome 1.2

LO2.1 determine the sources and effect of noise found in electronic communication systems, including cumulative factors LO2 2: carry out noise calculations

(a) Identify the sources of noise in the RF amplifier below.

(i) Explain why it is a source of noise

(ii) Identify the type of noise(b) Which factors are used to quantify the cumulative effect of noise?Q6 (a) An amplifier has a noise figure of 13dB. Calculate the equivalent amplifier input noise power for a bandwidth of 1MHz.Calculate the overall noise figure referred to the input.

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