Health Fund of New York City

Analyze Case Study I-4: ?Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children?s Health Fund of New York City? (on in the textbook).Analyze the case study, and develop the conclusions, recommendations, and implications.questions posed at the end of the case. (last paragraph on p. 165Summarize your findings in a two page paper Description: Because of your grasp of what needs to be done and your leadership skills, you have been chosen as project Background on Winsome?s Sales Structure:

The home sales force is actually managed (and contracted) through Winsom sister company. This sister company For the sister company to begin its branding and sales force education activities, it needs to have the product specifications, You have a follow-up meeting with the managers of the sales and marketing departments next week. At that time, you will ? In preparation for the meeting, create a description of the project?s scope only as it relates to the sales and marketing ? Describe the deliverables the team will produce, what type of information it will contain, and the level of detail expected.? Identify the exclusions to the scope.span

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