Human Resource

Project description

Assignment Human Resource DevelopmentYou are a freelance human resource management practitioner preparing Task One

Base the first part of the report on why it is important to understand learning theories and learning styles to develop staff Assessment Criteria Covered to achieve

1.1 Compare different learning styles

1.2 Explain the role of the learning curve and the importance of transferring learning to the workplace

1.3 Assess the contribution of learning styles and theories when planning and designing a learning event


To develop the work team within a UK business organisation plan and design a training development programme.

assessment criteria:

2.1 Compare the training needs for staff at different levels in an organisation

2.2 Assess the advantages and disadvantages of training methods used in an organisation

2.3 Use a systematic approach to plan training methods used in an organisation

Task Three

To be able to evaluate training event prepare an evaluation sheet using suitable techniques. Carry out an evaluation of a assessment criteria:

3.1 Prepare an evaluation using suitable techniques

3.2 Carry out an evaluation of a training event

3.3 Review the success of the evaluation methodTask Four

The final section of your report will consider UK government influence on general and vocational training schemes and initiatives. assessment criteria

4.1 Explain the role of government in training, development and lifelong learning

4.2 Explain how the development of competency movement has impacted on the public and private sectors

4.3 Explain how contemporary training initiatives introduced by the UK government contribute to human resource developmentPaper instructions:

a research paper will be read and a paper critique will be written in the format that added to the materials. bullets point will


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