Justice studies department

  1. Investigate various programs in the justice studies department and make an informed program choice.
  2. Investigate and evaluate various career options within the justice field.<br />
  3. Evaluate personal suitability for various careers within the justice field according to recognized aptitude tests.
  4. Identify and develop basic skills required for the identified career preference.
  5. Construct an action plan that will guide the student towards his/her identified career choice.
  6. Implement an employability improvement plan utilizing recognized college or community resources.Career Research b) Research both of these career options.
  7. c) Write a report detailing the following for each career option:
  8. A thorough description of the career
  9. The educational requirements for the career
  10. The skills and qualifications required for the career
  11. Any testing required for entrance into the career
  12. The hiring process for the career
  13. d) At the end of the report specify which career best suits you and why.
  14. e) This report must include a title page, reference list, standard APA formatting, and be a minimum of 6 pages, not including Career Plan a) Identify the career of your choice based on your Career Research Assignment.
  15. b) Write a detailed job description of this job following standard job description format.
  16. c) Develop a vocational action plan that outlines steps for securing the career of choice; you may choose to do this in a timeline d) Create SMART goals that will assist you in working towards yourdesired career; there must be a minimum of 10 SMART e) This report must include a title page, reference list, standard APA formatting, and be a minimum of 3 pages, not including

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