management philosophy

  1. What recent trends in Information Technology (IT) impact competition and ways to work? Provide an example.

Describe what my management philosophy is, back it up with theories. then provide any life experiences of incidents

The Advertiser, The Financial Times, The Australian, The Mining Review, Habitat, Koori Mail. Suitable articles should (2) Review the key environmental, economic, or cultural issues covered in the article.

(3) Discuss the various standpoints from which the article has been written.

(4) Develop a counter argument to that presented in the article.

(5) Briefly discuss the broader social, economic, environmental, cultural or political implications of the article.Relevance Organisation of discussion/argument: Logical planning and sequence; appropriate introduction, conclusion; key concepts Depth of argument: Critical analysis; engagement with the topic.

Thorough research: Engagement with relevant texts; Knowledge of International perspectives.

Structure; clarity of expression; appropriate language ; spelling; grammar and punctuation.

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