Textual analysis

Textual analysis

of a popular music video. Choose a popular music video released in the last 5 years. Using methods of textual analysis Length: 600 words

The point of an analysis is to ascertain the overall meaning effects of a text and interpret their cultural significance.

  1. We always start at the level of detail, by identifying the relevant key signifiers through repeat readings/viewing.
  2. Then we analyse these signifiers connotations (or culture-specific meanings)
  3. and how their combination shapes meaning i.e. what effects they create working ?together
  4. we consider various textual features that help to organise and reinforce the ?meanings, such as metaphor, metonymy 5. and we ask how these main themes and effects of the text relate to larger cultural patterns of meaning and codes of particular 6. As a critic with a broader knowledge of culture you can bring in your own critical interpretation of this. Is the text reinforcing

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