The meaning of freedom: The failure of reconstruction 1868-1877 and Chapter 14- White Supremacy triumphant : African Americans in the south in the late nineteenth century 18675-1900.

Chapter 13: Respond to the following: What did black political leaders accomplish and fail to accomplish during Reconstruction? What contributed to their successes and failures? Chapter 14: In 1 paragraph explain why did the South experience an epidemic of violence and lynching in the late nineteenth century? What are your thoughts on this period, overall? PS: You cannot copy or cite off of the Internet and must cite off of the course textbooks. If you cite or are caught copying off of the Internet you will receive 0 points for the entire post!!! You must make sure to mainly rely on your own words or interpretation. Do not simply post textbook citations. You will lose points for this. Make sure you show analysis and not simply summarize. -Student does not cite from the course textbook or the number of times required. Student must use MLA format when citing

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