Current practices, techniques, and trends in Project Communication and Team Management.

Research Topic : Current practices, techniques, and trends in Project Communication and Team Management.
The paper should be professionally structured and organized. In particular, it should include the following:
1. Introduction
• Introduction of project, identifying the research problem and justifying the importance of researching
this problem.
2. Scope and Objective of the Study
 What is the purpose of this research project
 What is the main problem and area(s) of research focus
 What are the expected solutions or findings, and how important are these findings
3. Literature Review
 Review of related past studies
4. Research Methodology ( this is the most important part make sure the data is primary data survey with clear focus group
 Research approach/design
 Sources of data used in the study (e.g. primary records, survey data, etc.)
 Size of your sample ( the responder for the survey from etisalat employees ( telecommunication company based in UAE) 32 responder, and international charity org. employee 65 responder, and Ajman Municipality & Planning Department 20 responder. ( total 117 responder)
the responders are employee from all level and working in related to project management.
 Methods used to collect the data
 Tools used to analyze the data ( Add 6 table here and should be use the SPSS program to analyze the data and add the table in the report )
5. Data Analysis and Interpretation
need to write professional investigation and deeply analysis the data
 Analyze data and present the results
 Explain your results
6. Discussion of Findings and Recommendations
 Discuss the findings and make recommendations
7. Conclusions and Limitations
 Summary and concluding remarks
 Limitations of the study
8. References
 Journal articles, books,

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