Customer Service Problem Based Learning

You have been contracted to advise an existing company of your choice on how to develop, implement, and maintain a new customer service program as part of the firm’s strategy to obtain competitive advantage. To accomplish your assigned task, you will draw insights from the knowledge you have acquired from your individual experiences. You must clearly define and take into account your company’s industry as well as the customer clientele. You must be able to answer the following questions: How do customers feel about the company? What is the company’s current customer service/satisfaction performance rating? Why should the company adopt a new customer service program? What is the proposed new customer service program? How will your company manage its’ new customer service program? List the recommended steps to ensure that employees will buy-in and stay committed to the new program. What training courses(if any) will company employees need to take in order to have the tools necessary to carry out and implement the new customer service program? What technologies will be used to help drive the new program? Will dress code play a role in the new program? If so, what is the dress code and how will it support the new program?

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