Elevator Pitch Competition

For this assignment, develop and create a short (30-90 second), pitch that persuasively presents a product that is intangible.

Your pitch topic is implementing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training in sales organizations. You are working the National Institute of Health as a consultant. Your specific task is to implement EDI training in 30 organizations this year. See below for more information about NIH.

Our team of consultants is comprised of individuals from across multiple divisions within EDI. Their focus is to streamline our service delivery and improve the customer experience. They are the “head, heart, and hands” of the organization, liaising daily with a variety of agency stakeholders to improve strategic thinking, manage change, and enhance organizational culture and performance. They provide an array of services, from customized toolkits that address manager and employee workplace needs, to workshops and programs that recognize leaders within our agency.

In a nutshell, their purpose is to simply “put you first.” They focus their energies and efforts on providing competent, efficient, and responsive services “the EDI way,” 365 days a year.

To learn more, visit the NIH website. (Links to an external site.)

Your assignment is to create an Elevator Pitch to deliver to 10 of your top prospects on the benefit of EDI training for their staff.

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