Organizational management

The paper should first provide a discussion of the issue of leadership and change in an organization or a unit within an organization. The paper should assess and critically evaluate the different issues or approaches while also providing your own analytical perspectives.
Depending on the topic, it will be shared with the instructor to decide what approach to the paper should be going further on.

Some possible topics:
• Leadership and Change: Are they Crucial Skills for Managers

• The role of leadership in organizational change at Aramco

• Enhancing Leadership Qualities in a Public Organization

• Strategizing Change for Sustainability: The case of Elm Company

• A Medical school agility during the reform of its curriculum

• The impact of the development of mobile phones on employee’s work

• Leadership Role in Initiating Change: The Case of Apple Inc

• Strategies of Change Management in Nokia


5-7 pages (excluding references) aiming to ( 5)
Font size: 12 Times New Roman
Spacing: 1.5
minimum references: 5. You can use endnotes or footnotes as a reference.

Assessment: Refer to the attached table as a guide ( Will be attached)

NOTE: these are the suggested topics by the Instructor. I would life to communicate l this request to different writers and suggest how to approach. The most comfortable one I agree with will proceed with payment and start with him.
Hope to finalizer this topic today and get started in it.

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