professional portfolio

Imagine that you have been selected to have your work published in a professional journal. Congratulations!! Now is the time to put your best writing foot forward!

For this assignment, you will select a Level Three paper previously completed in your program. This paper will become part of your professional portfolio, so choose a topic that will demonstrate your professional expertise or experiences to a potential employer. For example, a paper on American History or a casual story is not a good choice to demonstrate your professional knowledge.

You will be editing the previously written paper and expanding the content to meet the requirements below. Please review the lesson topics on APA Format and References List before completing your paper. If you have questions, contact your instructor.

Editing Requirements:

1. Final version must be a minimum of 2000 words
2. Appropriate edits and revisions must be made to original work.
3. You must add relevant content to the original paper to enhance or expand the topic.
4. You must use at least 5 sources; at least 3 of which must be peer-reviewed sources.
5. You must include appropriate references and citations in your paper to support your work.
6. No more than one direct quote in your paper.
7. You must include one appropriate informational graphic: chart, data table, etc. to support your topic.
8. You must use appropriate APA formatting throughout, including:
a. a title page
b. one-inch margins
c. Times New Roman 12 pt font
d. double-spaced
e. in-text citations
f. reference list with correct hanging indent.
9. An appropriate paragraph has a minimum of 5 sentences.

Please use the attached essay. The essay is about 1400 words so please add an addition of 600 words.

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