Research Paper -hybrid working

– Research topic: Hybrid Working

– Research Objectives:
– What are you trying to find out?
– What is your goal?
– What are you trying to achieve?

– Literature Review:
– Precise articles
– Secondary info
– New not old
– Reliable

– If for example your topic is about “coaching” you need to know full information about it.

– You have to say what type of research is it: qualitative? quantitative? or mixed method?
– Data Collection: Secondary, Primary
– Which methods are you using?

You might need to put a Scale for example?
What are the variables you use to measure it?
If you were to use primary research then you can develop a data.

If you use Pestle swot analysis you have to explain it also not just attach a swot analysis without emplaning it.

Conclusion: Summarize properly
Limitation: “what your enable to include”
What is the life of the article ? long or short term?
Dont forget to put enough references
Which methodology

The clear Topic:( The Role of Human Resource Management Department in Hyprid Work Addaption Processes)
This is some information from the class today you may use:

For the survey we are going to use: ranking, scale, open and close ended questions

If people wrote alot in qualitative
How will you measure qualitative parts?

What is findings?

Conclusion: must be linked to the introduction.
– In this report started with literature review then we conducted a survey then put recommendations. 100 words

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