Rhetoric analysis paper

What is needed in this paper is you find an ” Rhetorical Artifact” ( text/ movie/ photo/ letter/ novel) and apply two rhetoric’s lens from the material.

1- lens 1 (6 pages)/ 2- lens 2 (6 pages) / 3- reflect (3 pages)

i made a choice to pick metaphor as 1st lens from (Foss) you can choose the 2nd lens. i have uploaded the guideline please read it and read the in class notes what we had in class. i will upload old works you may find them benefits.
text books: ” The Rhetorical Tradition readings from classical times to the present second edition”
text book 2 : Rhetorical criticism exploration and practice fifth edition by Sonja K. Foss university of colorado at denver.
before you accept the work make sure you have the text books

and choose lens 1 on Metaphor by Foss. as for lens 2 you choose whoever you want from the material we have. apply both rhetoric theories in the rhetorical artifact you choose
only three resources which are ( 1- Foss ” metaphor ” 2- what ever you choose 2nd lens from the material we had in class. 3- the artifact you pick from anywhere)

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