Advanced Directives and Last Will & Testament

Create a word document where you will reflect upon your thoughts and feelings as you prepared this document for yourself – again DO NOT TURN IN THE ACTUAL LIVING WILL DOCUMENT TO ME …..just create a paper outlining your thoughts and feelings about completing this. Within your paper that you turn in to me – make sure to include your thoughts (how you would answer the questions – even if you cannot have children) on each of the following areas from the Advanced Directives link (Legacy Writer) in your assignment submission: 1. Terminal Condition 2. Permanently Unconscious 3. Tube Feeding 4. The Pregnancy Scenario 5. Pain 6. Euthanasia 7. Organ Donation Continue through each step. If you do not understand a question click on the area that is blue with a line under it and a box will pop up to define the term to you.

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