Research Question and Rational : “What do people like about apocalyptic stories?”

PURPOSE The purpose of this assignment is to identify a potential Research Question (RQ) that might be used for your formal Research Essay. The RQ should lead you into your thesis statement OBJECTIVES: Identify and narrow topics, form an appropriate research question and hypothesis, and propose a research plan. DESCRIPTION: In one paragraph (150-300 words), you’ll identify a potential research question. This question should be specific and targeted. You may use a topic that you investigated for one of your IAPs or something new. You should identify at least two preliminary sources that might benefit your research. In your paragraph you should answer the following questions in fluid prose: What background information do you have? What are the two potential sides of the argument? What is your possible Research Question? *Include a correctly formatted Work Cited; tone may be semi-formal and include the use of the first person pronoun “I”. Example of a good Research Question: “Are stories of the apocalypse (movies, films, video games) attractive because they provide an opportunity to ‘reset’ society?” Example of a bad Research Question: “What do people like about apocalyptic stories?”

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