The Shape of Water, Citizen Kane, Tokyo Godfathers, or Memento.

There won’t be any prompt questions to guide you. Please write on ONE of the films from Week 2 and Week 3, namely, The Shape of Water, Citizen Kane, Tokyo Godfathers, and Memento. You can write on the theme, or film form, or genre, or narrative, or cultural/historical background. You have complete freedom to decide which aspect of your chosen film you want to focus on. Just be sure to have a thesis and convincing argumentation. Please use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spacing throughout. Specifically (10 points in total): — has a clear, cogent, and concise thesis statement (2/2 pts) — has a convincing argument (2.5/2.5 pts) — has an introduction, body, and conclusion (1.5/1.5 pts) — answers the question (2/2 pts) — is within the word limit (1/1 pt) — has few grammar & spelling mistakes

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