Cold War Relflection

Cold War Relflection
This assignment gives you the opportunity to think critically and more deeply about an historical topic or issue. Consider carefully the question(s) posed in the prompt. Your answer should be rooted in the course materials, not in outside sources. Support your arguments and points with evidence, using Chicago citations as necessary. Prompt Reflect on what you have learned about the Cold War Era in a response to following question: Q: Were Americans’ fears regarding the Second Red Scare legitimate? Please follow the rubric I provide and use only 2 sources I provide (textbook and pdf file of the book). Also, do not write more than two pages. For bibliography, use these following sources and change those to Chicago style. Faragher, John Mack, et al., Out of Many, Chapter 26 Leffler, Melyvn, The Specter of Communism

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