“Consider the current limitations of concrete with reference to at least ONE case study and consider how a contemporary architect might address these limitations.”

A 4000 word extended essay arguing that: i. there are technical challenges with concrete for the contemporary architects (non-controversial) ii. To argue that contemporary architects face the challenge of changing concrete stereotypes of brutalism, as brutalism makes a return. I have a powerpoint presentation which i made exploring this topic and also a research proposal that i did before the ppt, which can both be used as reference points for the direction the argument is heading. however further research will be required for the extended essay. further suggestions given after the ppt presentation: 1. maybe focus on a specific “technical problem” 2. comparing concrete to another material that actually does not have that problem (eg steel) 3.how might the technical problem be involved in the “philosophical problem” 4. use specific case studies of structures related to the topic

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