Reflection Essay on Listening Skills

Reflection Essay on Listening Skills
After reading Chapter 6 of your Interpersonal Skills in Organizations text, watch the LBCC Improving Listening Skills video below. Reflect on key points you have learned about active vs. passive listening, the elements and power of nonverbal communication, and the skill of paraphrasing this week. Instructions In an MS Word document, write a 500-900 word response that summarizes your answers to the questions below and incorporates information from your readings and other class learning. Write your reflection using APA format, and give your essay an intro, body, and conclusion. As you watch the video, reflect on the following questions: Why do you think listening is a critical skill for being a good manager? What are the 3 problems/obstacles to listening? Which one is the biggest challenge for you? How many sentences did you get completely accurate? How do you plan to improve your listening skills?

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