Department of Transportation in The U.S

Instructions:You are required to answer the following questions about your agency:</p><p>1. What is the reason for the agency? That is, why does the agency exist? Describe and discuss the agency regulatory justification. For example, the justification may be economic (e.g., the promotion of competition) or it may be social (e.g., the promotion of adequate information for better consumer decision-making).2. In the light of the perceived economic, social, or other problem, what are the regulatory options? Identify and discuss them. Do you think the Executive Branch or Congress chose the most efficient regulatory option? Explain your reasoning.</p><p>3. Where are the agencys principal statutes located? What agency conduct do these statutes authorize? Provide some examples and citations to matters of specific interest to you.</p><p>4. Where are the agency principal regulations located? Are the regulations interpretive or legislative or both? In the case of legislative regulations, what is the character and quality of the Congressional guidance? Again, provide some examples and citations to matters of specific interest to you.5. How is the agency managed? Who appoints the agencys head or principal executives? Can the President hire and fire the agency heads or its principal executives? If the President cannot, who can?6. What are some of the critical regulatory issues that currently confront your agency?

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