Electronic components supplier and engineering projects solutions Business Plan

Write a Business Plan electronic components supplier and engineering projects solutions .I will provide you with a template files to help you with the writing. The Business Plan for the subject is not real but you need to follow the template structure that I uploaded. To make it easier for you my subject is like this company here https://www.tenettech.com/topic/AboutUs. Also here are samples plans online to help u https://www.masterplans.com/sample-plans/ You should demonstrate the following:1. An understanding of the commercial and technical feasibility of the proposal2. Robustness of the business model ? dealing with good times, bad times and the unexpected 3. Rigour of planning, financial communication and analysis4. Market analysis and SWOT 5. Imagination & Ambition The plan should empahsise how you are going to create value in the enterprise, is it scalable or niche, what is your exit plan, and of course the strategy and resourses needed to execute on the plan.

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