Primary legal sources are the law

We get ?laws? in the American Judicial System from several sources including: cases (or case law) and statutes (written laws passed by a legislative body and signed into law by the executive branch). So, a case you have for one of the discussion boards, Sons of Thunder, Inc. v. Borden, Inc., 148 N.J. 396 is ?law? in the State of New Jersey and a primary legal source. The rule of Precedent says a court is bound to follow the rulings set down by another court until that ruling is overturned by a higher court or the legislative & executive branches. A secondary legal source is a scholarly legal journal which researches and brings broader and deeper understanding to a particular law or area of the law. Secondary Legal Sources include Law Review Articles (e.g. Szto, Mary C., Lawyers as Hired Doves: Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount, 31 Cumberland Law Review 27 (2001)).

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