Branding and Marketing Communications of Knorr

A 1500 words essay on Branding and Marketing Communications of Knorr, Background: Knorr is the world’s 9th biggest food brand which has been used and trusted by millions of cooks across 87 markets. The Knorr cooking products range from stock cubes, soups, sauces to cooking chocolate. It is a trusted brand with a heritage stretching back 187 years. Globally, there has been a surge in interest in food so it could be argued that there never was a better time to be a food brand. The traditional category approach to marketing communications, of ‘mum cooking food for the kids’, might have appealed in the past but a different approach is needed for consumers today. *****Task: 1. Conduct some research into this brand – company, markets, products, sales etc. 2. Write an introduction to the essay where you provide the context for this global brand – the markets, the products, its sales etc. 3. Identify the key consumers of the brand. What are their characteristics? What part does this brand play in the lives of consumers who purchase this brand? 4. Discuss the approach to the positioning of the brand. What alternatives could they have taken? 5. Discuss how this brand advertises – on-line or offline or combinations. 6. Critically evaluate the marketing communication used by this brand. To what extent is it using integrated marketing communication using a range of digital and traditional tools? 7. Identify any circumstances which might have an impact on the effectiveness of the messages. 8. Briefly, evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing communications in achieving brand objectives. (It would be good to identify those brand objectives here first!). You may find it helpful to refer to particular campaigns such as the ‘Knorr: Love at first taste’ campaign as evidence. 9. REMEMBER THIS IS AN ESSAY Notes: 1. The essay should be 1500 words +/- 10% – excluding tables, charts, pictures, contents page, appendices and references. 2. The essay should follow the traditional pattern of introduction, main body of the essay and conclusion or summary. 3. DO NOT NUMBER or LABEL SECTIONS – as this would make it a report!!! 4. Please use paragraphs throughout – and do space between each paragraph. 5. Harvard referencing is to be used. 6. The numbering of each section in the brief above is there as a guide for you – do not number your paragraphs. 7. You can access some useful facts and figures on the ‘Knorr: Love at first taste’ campaign on the WARC site which you can access through the Sussex University library – electronic sources. 8. Why not have a look in a supermarket for the products of the brand

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