Foundations of Financial Management

Prepare a short discussion (250 words) of a current event article on an issue in Finance or Financial Management that is related to the objectives of the course. Discuss a news item or event that has arisen within the past month that has relevance to this course. Include the following: Topic Date Source which may include, radio, television, newspaper, internet, etc Summary of the news item Conclusions or commentary about relevance to the content of this course Assignment 13: Paper must be substantial and thoughtful and be a minimum of 250 words. Intel has been shown to have a low debt ratio. To learn more about this company go to its website: Click on “About Intel.” Scroll down and click on “Investor Relations.” Click on “Financial Information.” Click on “annual Reports, 10-k and Proxy Statements.” Select the latest Annual Report and form 10-K. Scroll down in the left margin and click on “Selected Financial Data.” Compute the dollar change in “Total Assets”, “Stockholders’ Equity”, and “Long Term Debt” over the last two years. Assignment 15: The Capital Budgeting Process (paper should be at least 250 words) Assume a company, correlated with the economy, is evaluating six projects of which two are positively correlated with the economy, two are negatively correlated, and two are not correlated with it as all. Which two projects would it select to minimize the company’s overall risk? Make you choice and discuss it and the reasons leading to your decision with your classmates

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