he 2 essays overall should include at least 12 citations from different class readings

1. Discuss how anthropologists wrote about gender in 2nd wave feminism, from the 1970s, and how that has changed over the past few decades.

2. Discuss how anthropologists wrote about race and racism in the early 20th Century with specific reference to W.E.B. Dubois and Franz Boas. How did anthropologist write about race and racism in the 1970s and 1980s? How do they consider race/ racism today?

3. When did anthropologists develop a critical perspective on the United States including the analysis of class, race and gender in historical context? What theoretical paradigms did they draw from? Give some examples of these studies including ethnographic perspectives on class and poverty.

4. Discuss changing theoretical perspectives and method among anthropologists from the 1980s through today. Include discussions of the invention of tradition, and/or changing theoretical perspectives on reflexivity and cultural interpretation and/or Bourdieu’s idea of habitus.

5. Discuss the historical transformations of Wounded Knee from the first battles to how it is considered by the First Nations today (e.g., as reflected in the writings of De Loria et. al.)

6. Discuss the ways in which you think anthropology can help us to understand the politics and cultural tensions in the United States or other parts of the world today.

7. What concepts from Foucault (governmentality, panopticons, etc.) do you find useful in analyzing other readings and/or contemporary

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