Prepare a report to address the initial questions you have for investors and lenders/creditors using the tableau file provided under attachments.


• Which companies/industries are the best? The ones to avoid?
1. What are the risks associated with the investment?

2. What is the market size or target market for the product or service?

3. What is the most influential business model that guarantees the success and profitability of the business?

4. What is the amount required for the investment and the projected turnover rates?

5. What are the government regulations concerning the service or product and the competitive advantages that the company has compared to other firms in the market?


1. Business plans are essential since they document and summarize the company, product or service, team, market, and the required financial. Consequently, the first question will focus on the business plan. Do you have a business plan for the venture?

2. Before giving out a loan, financial institutions must know your firm’s economic history, whether you can repay the loan given in time, and the collateral in case the firm fails to repay the loan. As a result, the second and third questions will focus on the financial capability of an institution. Can you provide the bank will your business’s financial details, including but not limited to information on accounts receivable and payments?

3. What collateral do you offer in case the company defaults on the loan?

4. Can we look at the firm’s financial statements, preferably audited books of account or reviewed?

5. Where are the copies of the past corporate tax returns?

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