affects this tenancy.

have with a landlord. Discuss how these issues can be avoided.

management fee of 8.8% including GST on the weekly rental of $300, calculate the weekly fee for the agency.

agency practice.

relation to the following tasks:


introduced?11 A prospective tenant walks into a real estate office asking about units available for rent in the area. The person is has taken offence to the agents  attitude and questioned the availability of these properties.

prospective tenants to inspect properties unaccompanied. What are the ethical, legislative and risk management issues and the pros and cons of this

property management. List and describe each of these new classifications.

working under your direction. In this task you will first develop a set of guidelines for conducting a performance appraisal for these preceptors. based approach.

guidelines (suggested length of 1?2 pages) for a performance appraisal of the preceptors at the end of the students? rotation.


incentive program with limited funding available to reward preceptor performance.

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