Case Analysis; HRM

The aim of this capstone case study task is to bring together theoretical learning and practical application on a range of topics and issues explored in the course. It seeks to assess the understanding, skills, and abilities gained by critically analysing a scenario (problem-based learning) and applying knowledge.

Thomas, D.C. & Lazarova, M.B. (2014). Essentials of International Human Resource Management: Managing People Globally. Los Angeles, US: Sage

Case study link:
Margaret Huebner: Building the Human Resources Function at Oman’s Port of Salalah

Questions (300 words for each questions)
1) With reference to the concepts and content from the course, outline what the ‘Omanization’ program means for staffing at the port. What problems might the Port face as a result of this program?

2) Outline the issues that Margaret faced on her arrival in relation to the compensation system at the port. With reference to the concepts and content from the course, discuss the challenges her new merit-based compensation system might face.

3) Discuss some of the training and development programs Margaret implemented during her time at the Port. How might these contribute to organisational effectiveness/success?

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