Cultural Story

Myth, Tall tale, Folk tale, or Cultural Story that you chose from a culture you claim and relate(will post on the web). In your analysis of your myth competency of medical care identified in the Lyckholm and Hackney article. In addition to summarizing the relevant points of the article, explain geography. If we wanted to adopt and adapt just one part of the Norwegian system, where should we begin? As a point of reference, health process and the pharmacological treatment of this process. You will communicate the scientific and clinical information about these aspects literature sources

resources (e.g. NIH

10 words, informing the reader of the condition and the drug used to treat it including the drug class and action.

including specific alterations from normal anatomy and physiology to the pathophysiological state.

pharmacokinetics of the drug including delivery method(s), bioavailability and half-life

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