IT; Smart Mirror

1- The begging of IoT and what does it mean.

2- What is the smart home technology.

3- What is the benefits of the Smart mirror and, what do you need to make one.

4- My smart mirror
• The programing and moudles I used on my smart mirror.
(I got the programing from this web
The modules I used is
1# MMM-Detector
2# MMM-Earth
3# MMM-Earth-Live
4# MMM-GABackgroup
5# MMM-GoogleAssistant
*I got this moudle programing from this website (
7# MMM-Jast
8# MMM-MovieListings
9# MMM-NewsAPI
10# MMM-Remote-Control
11# MMM-Screencast
12# MMM-SmartTouch
13# MMM-WeatherOrNot

5- The future of smart mirror.

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