leadership skills

Create your Individual Development Plan for the 5 main leadership skills: leading, communicating, problem-solving, organization, and initiating.

1. Use the assessment score you got as a starting point to think (15 points): (1) Add your
assessment results here. (2) What did you do well? What are your strengths measured by the Inbox? (3)
What you could do even better? What are your weaknesses or developmental needs as measured by
the Inbox? (4) Compare the results from this assessment to the strengths/weaknesses feedback you
collected from your personal best leadership project and address any differences or similarities. (5)
The overall value of the assessment scores in developing your leadership styles/skills.
You can use the IDP builder provided by CapsimInbox for #2 and #3 and add your IDP report to this

2. Reflect on the five assessed skills (e.g., leading, communicating, problem-solving, organization,
and initiating) (20 points): (1) Describe 2~3 reasons why this skill is relevant to your career and
leadership development; (2) Describe 2~3 situations where you might use this skill in your life,
school, job, or anywhere else that involves leadership.

3. Set goals for and improve your chosen skills that need to be further developed (e.g., skills with a
score at or lower than 70%) (25 points): Set up S. M.A.R.T goals and create plans including steps,
dates, and resources needed to improve your chosen skills

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