racism in USA

1. This research paper should present a thesis that is specific, manageable, provable, and contestable—in other words, the thesis should offer a clear position, stand, or opinion that will be proven with research. You should analyze and prove your thesis using examples and quotes from a variety of sources.

2. You need to research and cite from at least 5-6 sources. You must use at least 3 different types of sources.
• At least one source must be a peer/scholarly article from the Cerritos College Library Database.
• At least one source must be a book, anthology or textbook.
• At least one source must be from a credible website, appropriate for academic use.
• The paper should not over-rely on one main source for most of the information. Rather, it should use multiple sources and synthesize the information found in them.

3. This paper will be 2000 words (approximately 8 pages in length), not including the Works Cited page, which is also required. This means at least 8 full pages of text. The Works Cited page does NOT count towards length requirement.

4. You must use MLA format for the document, in-text citations and Works Cited page. If you are unsure about a particular source, we can discuss it.

5. You must integrate quotations and paraphrases using signal phrases and analysis or commentary.

6. You must sustain your argument, use transitions effectively, and use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

7. Your paper must be logically organized and focused.
The goals of this assignment are to help you:
• become more knowledgeable about finding and using varied research sources for your chosen topic.
• further develop your critical thinking skills and back up your points with evidence.
• discipline yourself to follow a scholarly research format to document in-text sources and a reference page (Works Cited).
• compose a well-organized, clear, concise, research paper to expand your knowledge on a particular subject

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