Reflection essay

Hi, this is a reflection to the webinar “Everyday Discrimination in Canada” by Dr. Jenny Godley.

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Title: Come up with an engaging and concise title to attract your readers

Body: One or two paragraphs; approximately 250-words-long

– Begin with a clearly stated argument that you will be discussing in your post and explain this argument by answering the following guiding questions:

1. What have you learnt by participating in this experiential learning activity? What was particularly important and useful? Describe specific examples.

2. How do the theme and content of the learning activity connect to the topics and concepts that have been covered in the reading and listening materials for this course? Provide specific and relevant examples and APA citations for the minimum of two course materials.

– End with a brief and concise sentence that summarizes the main idea of your post.

I’ll add the lectures and readings, so you can use min 2 sources from them.

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