Social Work and Human Services

For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation using a mixture of information from your final research paper assignment and plain language assignment to convey these concepts in a PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint slides should be submitted to the Dropbox. While there is no template or specific format for your presentation, below is an example of the presentation slide structure:

Slide 1. Title, Class, Name, & Affiliation
Slide 2. Research Problem(s)
Slide 3. Summary of Literature Reviews (including interventions)
Slide 4. Project Purpose & Research Questions
Slide 5. Theory/Model
Slide 6. Significance of the Study
Slide 7. Study Design Plan
Slide 8. Sampling Plan
Page 9. Data Collection Plan
Page 10. Participant Protection Plan
Page 11. Study Limitations
Page 12. References

However, feel free to be creative in how you choose to present the information. Remember, you will want to share the information so that is is accessible for a wide audience with varied insight into your area.

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