staff working in early childhood

informed response to a statement.

demonstrate your broad knowledge from all of these modules in this assignment. Read the following statements and chose ONE to work with. Australia. As professional educators we should also show the exact same attitude. No families should be given special treatment regardless applicable today? What are the implications of these ideas for staff working in early childhood settings?

assignment. The statement is expressing an opinion which you may or may not share with the author. You need to draw on your knowledge compulsory reading. Other readings are for you to explore and use for assignments. Many of the readings for these modules will give you you respond is entirely at your discretion. I encourage you to be creative and innovative. AN IMPORTANT PART OF THIS ASSIGNMENT parents from a fictional preschool or centre discussing these issues (word, publisher, or any other digital format that works for you).

persons highlighting different perspectives (.mp3 or .mp4a or .wmv sound file plus a transcript as a PDF)


presented in PowerPoint (please remember that slides should not be overcrowded with information, so dot points with a workshop handout in which responds to this question

relevant topic

present. These could be presented as fictitious case studies. Please remember that if you are using names you need to change these for privacy with referenced ideas from the resources. Your response should not just be focussing on one or 2 issues, but rather all of the issues.

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