Uber or Taxi

Topic: Uber or Taxi
Worth: 16.5%
Word Count: 250 – 300 (title and reference page not included)
Effective Writing I (GART-1500)
Assignment Details
Fall 2021
1. Review chapter 16 in the textbook and read the article “Uber v. Taxi” published by The Walrus
2. Compose an argument paragraph for or against one of these transportation services: Uber
Technologies Inc. or the taxi industry. Your paragraph should have:
• A creative title indicating the type of paragraph you are writing and the assignment topic
• A topic sentence clearly stating your position on the topic
• Body sentences arranged in a logical order that include two convincing supporting points
and one important counterargument
• A concluding sentence that reaffirms your position
• Formal language (no slang or contractions)
• At least one complex sentence followed immediately by a simple sentence
• At least one compound sentence
• At least two transitional words or phrases
• At least one use of a colon
• No first-person pronouns
• Citations of source material (proper APA or MLA format will not be evaluated)
• Proper grammar and spelling

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